Touchless toilet perfect for your Toronto Bathroom Renovation

There are many products that come on the market. We are always encouraged by innovation on our Toronto renovations, but we have to be careful. Some seem good at the time, but they aren’t tested long term, and can lead to problems. However, Kohler has come up with a great new product. And we trust Kohler! It’s a touchless toilet. No more need to touch the handle. So it’s great for cleanliness, encouraging young kids, and those with disabilities. Check it out.




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The Weirdest House Renovation I’ve Ever Seen in Toronto


There is a lot of modern home renovations going on in Toronto right now. Some of them look pretty amazing, although they may not be in keeping with the neighbourhood. Standing out too much may lead to issues later.  It’s always a good idea to build your home, or do any renovation, with recognized styles that are identifiable and functional.

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Decorate Grab Bars For Your Toronto Bathroom Renovation




If you are planning to do a bathroom renovation, you may be thinking about adding grab bars. But they are ugly right? Delta offers decorative grab bar solutions where you won’t even now they are there. There are 4 options available for your bathroom renovation including a towel assist bar, toilet paper assist bar, corner shower shelf assist bar, and handheld shower assist bar.


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