Decorate Grab Bars For Your Toronto Bathroom Renovation




If you are planning to do a bathroom renovation, you may be thinking about adding grab bars. But they are ugly right? Delta offers decorative grab bar solutions where you won’t even now they are there. There are 4 options available for your bathroom renovation including a towel assist bar, toilet paper assist bar, corner shower shelf assist bar, and handheld shower assist bar.


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Virtually Dust Free Drywall Sanding on Your Toronto Renovation

Ashton Renovations is now using the Festool Planex Drywall Sander on all its projects. It’s a relatively new tool to the industry that virtually eliminates drywall dust during the sanding stages of the installation of drywall. It operates with the use of a HEPA filter vacuum the removes dust from the sander as it operates.


We’ve invested in this tools to make our renovations easier  on our clients. It’s also been fantastic in areas were creating dust is not an option, as well as on our Kitchen, Bathroom, and Whole House Renovation projects in Toronto.  Check out the video below to see how it works.



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The Best Bathroom Shower Rod You Can Get In Toronto



If you have a tub or shower, chances are you will need a curtain to keep water off your bathroom floor. You can install a glass enclosure, but in some instances it’s not practical. There are lots of choices available, including many tension fit rods, but they are not curved. Some bathroom shower rods even require drilling into tile.


The Gripper is one of the best tension fit rods we’ve installed and the only curved tension fit shower rod. It’s extremely secure and well made. And later if you decide to install glass, you can always remove it.


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